Archangle Ph.C-HD
Real Time HD & SD Video Restoration System


Kahuna is more than a new generation of production switchers. It's a big new idea that redefines what is possible in switching. Kahuna is the world's first true multi-format switcher. It offers simultaneous High Definition and Standard Definition operation in the same mainframe, with the same control panel. Even more remarkably, thanks to an advanced new pixel-filtering technology called FormatFusionT, it allows you to integrate any SD material such as handheld camera feeds, graphics or archives into HD productions, seamlessly, without the need for upconversion.

Vega Router

Vega is different…we describe it as ‘fully asymmetric’…every port can be independently set up as an input or an output! For monitoring or distribution applications in particular, this minimizes I/O port wastage, where a traditional router of twice the size might be needed to implement the same system solution. Vega offers real savings in cost and space!

Alchemist Ph.C-HD

Motion Compensated High Definition Standards Converter. Multi-rate HD/SD SDI inputs & outputs. Alchemist Ph.C-HD yields converted images of unparalleled quality and clarity so that even the most dynamic content is delivered with stunning detail, free from artifacts and virtually indistinguishable from the original HD input.

Fiber Interfacing

The high data rates associated with serial digital links impose their own constraints on the length of cable runs within a facility. Those members of the IQ Modular range that rely on SDI connections have inputs and outputs designed to allow the maximum length of copper cable without signal degradation. However, all copper cabling has its limitations, particularly on large sites, at high data rates or in areas susceptible to electromagnetic interference.