IQ Modular Range

Fiber Interfacing

The high data rates associated with serial digital links impose their own constraints on the length of cable runs within a facility. Those members of the IQ Modular range that rely on SDI connections have inputs and outputs designed to allow the maximum length of copper cable without signal degradation. However, all copper cabling has its limitations, particularly on large sites, at high data rates or in areas susceptible to electromagnetic interference.

Frames & Hardware

A key requirement for any modular system is the ease with which the desired combination of functions can be achieved. Limitations on how modules can be housed and restrictions on how they can be combined represent unnecessary problems for the system integrator. For this reason, the IQ Modular range has been designed to provide the maximum degree of flexibility and freedom from constraints.


With the broadcast market now largely migrated from analog to digital workflows attention has focused on rolling out more digital services to satisfy the need for increasing the number of digital broadcast channels and to add HD premium services. As the HD digital rollout gathers pace customers are looking to protect their investments by ensuring that they are capable of supporting not only the 1.5Gbps standards of today, but future progressive video formats such as 1080p50/59 3Gbps standards.

Intelligent Monitoring

Hyperion represents a new generation of television monitoring and quality control. Its sophisticated capabilities enable far more efficient and cost effective content monitoring than has ever been available to the broadcast industry.

Format Conversion

The Snell range of modular converters offer top quality performance at every professional level.

From format converters that include both analog and digital, video and audio interfacing to just a straight down converter, IQ has a module version to suit all applications.

Many of our converters include features you would only expect from a much larger product, such as loudness processing and metadata handling. Compare our conversion modules and find the one that best fits your requirements.


Facilities using externally-sourced contributions will have to ensure these are accurately synchronized, since such sources are not usually locked to the local reference and can therefore be unstable. IQ Modular synchronizers enable incoming signals to be accurately genlocked - easily and cost effectively.

Embedded Audio

Many operations require audio information to be combined with its corresponding video information into a single signal. Many other operations and equipment require that they be kept separate. IQ Modular offers an extensive choice of multiplexers and demultiplexers for use with SDI signals.


Even within comparatively simple systems, a single video feed will often need to be supplied to a number of different functions. IQ Modular offers a comprehensive series of analog and digital video distribution amplifiers, offering a range of functions and up to 15 outputs from a single input signal.

Video Processing

To enable conversion between standard and widescreen formats IQ Modular offers both a dedicated ARC module and ARC functionality in its format conversion modules. The modules use vertical-temporal filtering, and offer up to nine up - down conversion modes.

ARC functionality provides smooth dynamic pan and tilt controls, line 23 wide screen signalling, video index signalling and input and output blanking.

Audio Processing

The increasing use of digital technology has created new ways of processing audio signals - ways that were not needed or not possible in the analog domain. IQ Modular audio processing modules provide a wide range of functions to meet the diverse requirements of the digital facility.

Analog Digital Conversion

IQ Modular offers a comprehensive range of both video and audio conversion modules to provide the optimum balance of price to performance for all system requirements.


The IQ Modular range has the capability to switch between multiple sources in HD or SD SDI and AES audio. Functions include up to 8x8 crosspoint routing, intelligent change-over switching and GPI remote control.

Signal Generation

IQADBBG - Sync Generator
The IQADBBG generates up to 8 precision analog black burst outputs in multiple standards.

IQD1FPG - Frame Pattern Generator
The IQD1FPG is an SD-SDI, frame based Pattern Generator supporting up to 2 frame based patterns and line based test signals.

Networking and accessories

Ethernet Fiber Converter with 4/8 Port Switch.

Programmable serial port interface for external devices and RollCall compatible products.