Kahuna Production Switcher
(Upto 6ME with 24-120 SD/HD-SDI Input)


Kahuna is more than a new generation of production switchers. It's a big new idea that redefines what is possible in switching. Kahuna is the world's first true multi-format switcher. It offers simultaneous High Definition and Standard Definition operation in the same mainframe, with the same control panel. Even more remarkably, thanks to an advanced new pixel-filtering technology called FormatFusionT, it allows you to integrate any SD material such as handheld camera feeds, graphics or archives into HD productions, seamlessly, without the need for upconversion.

Kahuna 1M/E

The break-through multi-format performance of the Kahuna Production Switcher is now provided in a 3Rack Unit Mainframe. This entry level variant of the Kahuna series provides all the ground breaking functionality that has made Kahuna the leading Production Switcher in the industry. This one kahuna 1M/E Solution provides facilities the flexibility of multi format environments with a substantial feature set.


The worlds most advanced and flexible production switcher offers concurrent multi-format operation, allowing SD, HD and even 1080p sources to be used seamlesly within the same production and deliver multiple output formats of SD, HD and 1080p.

The advanced architecture of the Kahuna 360 means that it can evolve with your business requirements, providing additional resources as you need them.

Kahuna Flare

Kahuna Flare breaks new ground as a mid-level switcher, bringing industry leading technology to the most cost sensitive environments. Flare enables less 'effects-heavy' applications, to benefit from Kahuna production power and format flexibility.